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Strandbacka Medical

Revolutionizing the assessment of patients with abdominal pain

PERIsign: A revolutionizing diagnostic aid for the emergency department

Strandbacka Medical is developing PERIsign™. A revolutionizing diagnostic aid for the emergency department. Within minutes, PERIsign evaluates patients with abdominal pain and determines if they require further investigations, medical treatment, surgery, or is safe to go home.

Challenges diagnosing one of the most common causes of ED visits

Acute abdominal pain accounts for about 10 % of all Emergency Department (ED) visits worldwide. In the US and Europe combined, more than 23 million patients visit the ED due to acute abdominal pain each year. Currently, these patients are assessed by hand through palpation.

1/4 misdiagnosed

Even in experienced hands, the manual palpation of patients leads to misdiagnosis in one fourth of patients with abdominal pain

1/3 exposed to radiation

Over one-third of ED patients with abdominal pain are subjected to radiation exposure. X-ray is expensive,  time-consuming and increases the risk of developing cancer

1/4 unnecessary CT scans

Inexperience leads to overutilization of imaging techniques, and it is estimated that up to 25 % of all X-ray investigations are unnecessary

The solution: PERIsign

PERIsign is a novel medical device that aid the healthcare professional to make a fast, objective, and correct assessment of patients with acute abdominal pain. Currently, these assessments are subjective, uncertain and highly dependent on the experience of the examiner.

Cost effective

PERIsign detects if the patient suffers from peritonitis – the physiological response to severe intraabdominal illness – without any need for senior consultancy or x-ray 


PERIsign replaces subjective and difficult manual palpation with an objective and easily acquired measurement that can be performed early in the workflow